Las Pinatas Mexican Restaurant

Las Pinatas Margaritas

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Mexican: XX, Carta Blanca, Tecate, Superior, Bohemia, Corona, Negra Modelo

Domestic: Michelob, Old Style, Miller, Miller Lite, Coors, Coors Lite, Special Export


Burgundy, Rose, Chablis, Piña Colada


Cuarenta Y Tres (Fourty Three): World Famous Spanish Liquer served straight on the rocks

Mexican Coffee: A delightful combination of Kahlua, Mexican Brandy and Cinnamon Coffee topped with Whipped Cream

Mexican Stinger: Tequila, Orange Liquer and White Creme de Menthe

Brave Bull: Tequila and Kahlua served on the rocks

El Matador: Fourty Three and Vodka served on the rocks

Pinatas Coffee: Cuarenta y Tres, Tequila and hot cinnamon Coffee topped with whipped cream

Spanish Fly: Fourty Three and Mexican Brandy served on the rocks.

Proper proof of age must be shown upon request.


Margaritas are available by the glass or pitcher, frozen or on the rocks. Our regular is fantastic, we also offer a Strawberry Margarita.

Las Pinatas Margaritas are well known for their flavor and potency. See what some of our customers have posted on various websites:

“The margaritas are fantastic. This is one I can highly recommend. Go in and relax with a drink and an authentic and filling Mexican dinner.”
— reviewer

“Avoid drink factories by stopping off at a couple of character-rich Mexican restaurants [...] The Old Town hole-in-the-wall Las Pinatas, in all its turquoise and 1970s-Floridian glory, delivers a smooth, sour and frothy drink, finishing with the flavor of tequila. The cloudy, almost opaque body and frothy head is a sure sign of a well-shaken drink...”

“If you're looking for a powerful, delicious Margarita that definitely "hits the spot", Las Pinatas is the place. We ordered a double Margarita. It was simply magnificent. ”
— reviewer

“The best tasting (but potent) Margarita ever!”
— reviewer